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Max García Rico

Content creator

My name is Max García Rico, a content creator mostly based in New York City, NY, USA and Madrid, Spain.

I was born in an incredibly creative Spanish family and I was surrounded by innovative ideas, cameras and abroad experiences throughout my entire life and I plan on continuing to be so.

I guess it was just inevitable that I would turn out to love creating and storytelling as much as I do.


That is how my art has been described several times.

I do not think that they are far off. From where I stand from, I like to think that I do not develop ideas or take photographs to reflect common reality. I do in fact, like to see myself as a storyteller, always trying to look for the details behind the scene that I’m taking a photograph of or searching for a new perspective in my creative directing and social media managing jobs. I don’t only want to portray my perspective of the world that surrounds us, but to make the viewers feel what I felt when I had that idea that impulsed me to take action and pursue it. I want to bring my creativity into this world, reach out to as many people as possible and make them think and feel all sort of things with it. That’s my main goal when it comes to content creation.


​When I started taking pictures I mostly used to work with film cameras, after I fell in love with the process behind it years ago. With every film photo, I tried to scrutinize that exact thousandth of a second in which what the eye had not been able to see sprouts. Film taught me how to take risks while being cautious and how to cherish every moment before taking a photograph at the same time. I always take the same approach for the rest of my disciplines, whether it is creative directing or social media managing. At the end of the day, those ideas, photographs, posts... aren't the kind of ideas that never get nowhere or simple images of some random subject for me. They became a part of my personal story the second I decided to share them with the world whether it is by creating an idea from scratch, generating a post for a media platform or simply by clicking on the shutter release button on my camera.

That is my perspective on this, and if I have learnt something from my dedication to the world of creativity and creation, it is that:


"Your perspective is your power"

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